Time Taxi

Friday prototypes!!

The year is THE FUTURE. As a lowly taxi driver, you can't afford the rent on your tiny apartment in Cititropolis, let alone support your family. Unless... you could compelte multiple fares AT THE SAME TIME USING TIMETRAVEL BECAUSE YOUR TAXI ALSO IS A TIME MACHINE!

The highlighted car is the one you're controlling, the others's are the previous runs, which you try and avoid.

Controls are pretty stupid - HOLD DOWN a direction as you pass an intersection to turn. Space or xbox A is brake.

The idea was to mess around with a rewind/replay mechanic I tried at firemint one time. The results not that great, full of bugs, etc. Sometimes you spawn on top of yourself because BAD CODING. But the rewind/replay component and system was fun to make. Might see what else i can use it for.