Powerhoof! RHB Coming to Steam in 2018...

All-Improved Regular Humaning

Woah, it’s been way too long since we posted what we’ve been working on… As we come out of the long Aussie winter we’ll start posting more regularly though. We’ll have another announcement in a few weeks too, but for now…

We’ve been working on updating Regular Human Basketball for the new millennium, and bringing it to Steam! It’s still a ways off, but look out for it early 2018!

Here’s some of the new stuff we’re adding:

  • Online multiplayer
  • Multiple arenas
  • All that steam pizzazz, like achievements, and the ability to leave nasty reviews
  • Loads of little gameplay tweaks, new art and all new soundtrack
  • Less free! (although only slightly)

We’re taking it to Pax Aus this weekend, and a few weeks later Barney’s bringing it to San Fransisco for Day of the Devs, we’ll have a stack of controllers for some 4 on 4 ballin’ so come along if you can!


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  2. Amazing news, guys. Can’t wait to see it on Steam.

  3. Will there ever be multiplayer for Crawl?

    • Unfortunately not, I spent quite a while working on the feature but the interactions were just too complex for us to be able to network in a realistic amount of time. I learned a lot trying though, so not a complete waste since I’m using what I learned for this game (which is a lot more networking friendly!)

  4. Oooh boy, color me excited. Are you by any chance planning for a GOG release of HRB as well?

    • Awesome 🙂 We’re planning a Steam only launch, mainly because it’ll make online matchmaking a load easier to develop.

      • Ah, I see. Bit of a shame, but it makes sense.

        Thanks again for both RHB and Crawl, my friends and I are still having a blast with them. 🙂

  5. Thomas

    Oh, my god, this is such an awesome game! I played it at PAX Aus and it blew me away. I live in Taiwan now, and I would love to translate your game into Chinese so my friends here could enjoy it as well!

  6. love your games keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Love this game, will it still support 5 on 5 matches though? I notice you just mention 4 on 4 in the post there.

    • Yeah 5 on 5 (or more) will still be supported, we only had 8 controllers though, plus we found it hard to fit more than 8 people around a screen when exhibiting since people stand closer than at home!