PowerQuest Adventure API!

All these scripts have simple access to most things you'll want to do in an adventure game through the API detailed here.

The functionality is split into Engine, Character, Room, Hotspot, Prop, Inventory, Gui and Dialog tree.

The parts of your game can be accessed in your scripts via handy shortcuts.

The hotspots, props, regions and points in the current room are accessed like this:

  • Props - Props are visual objects in a room, including background/foreground objects, and clickable/interactive objects too
  • Hotspots - Hotspots have no visuals can be clickable
  • Regions - Regions are areas that player can walk on, triggering events, or blocking player movement (and later tinting the character)
  • Points - Points are a named position in the room
  • In c# these are accessed a bit differently- eg. Prop("Door") instead of Props.Door

Customising PowerQuest: You can easily add your own variables and functions to most of the above by editing /Game/PowerQuestExtensions.cs