Powerhoof! PowerSprite Animator...

I made a Unity Extension for editing sprite animations

We do a lot of sprite animation (well… Barney does) so I made a swanky tool to make it nicer to edit them in Unity!


It means we can edit animations without having to fiddle around with unity’s convoluted animation system that’s built for much more complicated 3d games. Also I realised making tools like this is really pretty fun!

So if you’re a Unity developer check it out here:

Unity Asset Store Link


  1. Addertongue (Jamais Namme or Xoac103)

    Cool! I’m no dev (much more adept at literary arts and, well, art), but I think my brother would certainly enjoy this.

  2. Hm, cool. I’m just getting into unity so this should be cool.

  3. Oliver

    Oh wow, this should be part of Unity 2D. Great job!

  4. Don't Wanna

    Dave you’re alive!

      • Addertongue (Jamais Namme or Xoac103)

        By the way, we TOTALLY need this teddy bear as a CRAWL monster. Like, a statue, most likely. All he does is give hugs, and displace the hero (preferably into traps or other monsters)- it would be hilarious.

  5. Can I also use this with Unity GUI (Canvas Renderer) or only with the default Sprite Renderer?

    • In the current version you can’t, but I have it working in an updated version i’m about to submit to the asset store. If you email with your invoice number I’ll send you a copy so you don’t have to wait for unity to approve the update 😉

  6. I wish photoshop had this, their system is horrible 🙁
    (even with anim desin plugins, custom actions, etc)

  7. Dave I want to hear more about this! Can you and Barney talk about your workflow together some time?