Powerhoof! Playing Crawl Online with Parsec...

Online Crawlin’

We’ve recently been trying out a service called Parsec which allows you to stream a game and have friends play along remotely, and we’re happy to be able to give it the Official Powerhoof™ Severed Thumbs Up of Approval®!

Parsec lets you stream a game and have friends watch and play along with their own controllers. Latency was my biggest worry, but it wasn’t a problem when we played, certainly no worse than our dodgy indie implementation of online multiplayer would have been!

If you want to try it out yourself, there’s more details here.

Powerhoof Official Discord

In case you hadn’t noticed the fancy widget, we now have an official discord server. Come chat to us about things, or find someone to play Crawl with!

Join here!


  1. Xystem4

    I’ve used this myself in the past, and my laptop is absolute garbage. Works absolutely fine. I totally recommend Parsec to anyone playing Crawl.

  2. wooooooooooooow!
    Love this game~

  3. Do you ever plan on making your own multi player co-op mode in the actual game in the future or not. I would 100% prefer your version of that once fully implemented instead of using some weird site which I first have to download and still then create an account and then wait for my friends to do the same. I will wait for the steam multi co-op no matter how long It would take you guys. There’s no rush but as a side project please do something about that. If not please explain why this is an issues so I can have a better understanding of your team’s situation thanks.

    • Alas, we have no plans to integrate online multiplayer in future. We had hoped to early on, and worked on the feature for a while, but it’s not a trivial feature to add and officially support, and unfortunately we had to decide to leave it out.