Powerhoof! Karate Basketball...

One Court. Two Sports. No Fouls

Its NBA Jam meets Double Dragon… It’s…

Karate Basketball


  • Play against AI or with up to 4 local multiplayer
  • Hilarious commentary that definitely doesn’t get old fast!
  • Twenty weapons
  • One attempt at a basketball rap soundtrack
  • No Fouls

Dave made this with some friends of Powerhoof, known collectively as The SeaDads for the Ludum Dare 37 gamejam. It came #1 for Fun and it’s since been updated with loads of new stuff.

  1. Walrusman72

    A challenger approaches the court. He has trained long and hard for this. http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/shaqfu/SNESbox.jpg

    Also, did you take inspiration from ^this^ at all? Just wondering.

  2. So are you guys like actually basketball fans ?

    • Ha ha, not as much as it must seem! Barney plays basketball, but our friend louis (@louisdmeyer) who we like to collab with is the real fan. So he’s our go-to guy for culture and teminology insights.

      Using real world sports for the rules of a game is nice because you don’t have to teach players what to do. You can just show them a basketball and a hoop and they’ll know the objective. That was the main design reason for the basketball in RHB at least.

  3. Congrats on the game, it’s awesome 🙂
    Any plans on making it possible to bind 2 players on the same keyboard? That would be great!

    • The reason we don’t have a setting for that is most keyboards can only send around 5 button press signals at once, meaning if player1 was moving diagonally and attacking (pressing left, up and attack), then if player2 tried to move diagonally and attack, that would be 6 key signals so one of them would be cancelled out and you end up with very buggy feeling gameplay.

      However, there are some keyboards that can send more inputs, and people can simply plug in multiple keyboards, so for that we have a “cabinet mode” setting in options that allows you to bind as many buttons as you want to the keyboard 🙂

    • I think Barney’s talking about Crawl 🙂 For similar reasons though we don’t have plans for multiple keyboard support in karate basketball. Most controllers are supported so hopefully you can find one somewhere 🙂